About us

We are the local twins and triplets club for Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge, Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas in Kent.

Our club is run by volunteers, all of whom feel that being members of the club helped them during the formative years with their own children and want to offer something back to parents and expectant parents of their own multiples.

Each year, the club put together a schedule of events where parents can bring their children to join in the fun and meet other parents with twins or more. These events offer a chance to share advice, offer help and make new friends. They include; an Easter Egg hunt, a summer picnic in the park and a Christmas party.  New in 2015 we held a fantastic Halloween Party too, complete with DJ and party bags.  We also organise various talks through the year and are hosting another sleep talk for our members in 2016 following the success of our previous two.